#kindSBY is a community kindness initiative to:

  • create, recognize and inspire kindness within our community
  • support community events that build relationships
  • highlight citizens and groups engaged in goodwill programs
  • sustain SBY’s World Kindness USA City designation
  • enlist all citizens to become kindness ambassadors

Our beginnings…

#kindSBY is Salisbury, Maryland’s community initiative to sustain and increase our thriving kindness climate. While we have always considered our city to be a welcoming place to live, work and play, our focus on kindness began in earnest in 2016.

Seeds of kindness were masterfully sown during SBY’s inaugural TEDx event in January 2016. The presentations demonstrated the importance of the arts, the value of community gardens, and how to share kindness. From that day on Mayor Jake Day and our SBY City Council were laser focused on revitalizing our downtown with kindness as an important component.

The citizens of Salisbury were on board with initiatives and programs that would dramatically raise our kindness climate with each event. One such event was the Life Vest Inside’s Dance for Kindness in November 2016. This community unifying experience of a freeze mob/flash mob dance was filmed and placed on a worldwide dance montage which placed Salisbury on a worldwide kindness map. This event helped SBY begin its quest for a designation as our nation’s first World Kindness USA City which is official as of October 2019. At our fourth Dance for Kindness event on Sunday, November 10th, 2019, we celebrated our new designation as a city.

In 2022, kindSBY was awarded the Friends of Education Award in appreciation for Outstanding support for the students, teachers, staff, families and schools of Wicomico County Public Schools.

In January 2023, kindSBY Founder, Grace Foxwell Murdock, transitioned into an advisory role with the kindness commission. Heather Brooks was named the new Secretary of Kindness and leader of kindSBY. Heather has been a commissioner for 4 years and is passionate about inspiring kindness within our community.

Kindness is everywhere in our beautiful City of Salisbury, Maryland!

Here are a few of the many Organizations that began this journey with us & helped set us on the path for our WKUSA designation

Photos featured Top to Bottom: Dr. Donna Hanlin, Superintendent, of the Wicomico County Board of Education & Grace Murdock, Mr. Michael Lloyd White, CEO of World Kindness USA & Grace Murdock, Wicomico County Board of Education School Board, Salisbury City Council, Wicomico County Council and Bill McCain of the Rotary club of Salisbury.

Share your kindness story…

Random acts of kindness take place in our community every day – and we want to hear about them. Whether it’s paying it forward at the coffee shop line, or having kindness shown to you from a friend or a stranger, stories of kindness can spread far and wide. Salisbury and our surrounding communities are a great place to live. Let’s make it even better!

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