Our family of sponsors is growing!

We are so happy that our family of sponsors is growing! Kindness Commissioners, Sonya Whited and Grace Foxwell-Murdock met with representatives from our new Champion sponsorship with Perdue Farms Associate Engagement Team and Corporate. Pictured here: (from left to right – Sonya Whited, Hollie Seaton, Tracy Gates, Christine Benoit, Stephanie Ventura and Grace Murdock) @perduefarms

Community member takes action

Fruitland resident, Deborah Ritterson, has created a Kindness Box to share FREE non-perishable food items for anyone that might need a little extra, during these uncertain times. The box is permanently attached to her fence and located at: 413 Hayward Avenue, Fruitland, MD. Feel free to spread the word to anyone you know that is in need. Due to the number of people utilizing the box, she is asking that a max of 5 items be taken so as many can take from it as possible.

Thank you, Deborah, for being an example of love and compassion in our community! ๐Ÿ’œ

Pittsville Kindness Club spreads kindness near & far

Eight members of the Pittsville Kindness Club have been busy making kindness key-chains to bless COVID first responders over the past 3 months. In June, they made a donation of 150 kindness key-chains to Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, MD and in July they made a donation of 150 kindness key-chains to PRMC hospital in Salisbury, MD. Way to go PEMS kindness club. You are a true example of kindness in action! Thank you for being an inspiration.