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What is kindSBY?

We are a kindness community initiative in Salisbury, Maryland to affect positive change in our schools, local governments, businesses, and neighborhoods. We highlight goodwill programs already in place in our community and share inspirational stories of generosity.

What is the goal of this initiative?

  • To sustain the thriving kindness climate of Salisbury as the 1st World Kindness USA City in the nation.
  • Acknowledge initiatives and kind acts that are already in place within the community and spotlight individuals who go out of their way to be intentional with their positive thoughts, words and actions.
  • Connect people by sharing examples of kind acts and initiatives as they play out in real-time. How? Through the use of social media, especially #kindSBY.
  • Promote kindness challenges and action days! Be on the lookout, both on our website and online, about specific events to bring everyone together in a unified attempt to bless others.

How can you get involved?

  • Participating is easy!
  • First step: like us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Start sharing your acts of kindness through posts labeled with #kindSBY
  • Wear/display #kindSBY promotional materials in the community

Are memberships paid once or on an annual basis?

  • Sponsorships are based on a rolling one year period.

  • Memberships can be renewed HERE or via check to: Wicomico Grows Kindness, ATTN: Grace Murdock, 1709 Timberlake Dr. , Salisbury, MD 21801

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