Random Acts of Kindness Week Activities

February 12-18, 2023

Throughout the week, Commissioners were busy creating kindness within our community. We distributed fresh cut flowers to local businesses and downtown visitors, art supplies to 2 – 3rd grade classes at East Salisbury Elementary School and donuts to the staff, returned grocery carts for shoppers at Acme grocery store and distributed 100 gifts to Salisbury University students, faculty and staff. It was a beautiful week!

Delmarvalife Interview with Secretary of Kindness, Heather Brooks and Mayor Jack Heath – February 10, 2023

Kindness Palooza – November 13, 2022

A huge thank you to each and every one of our amazing Sponsors! Kindness Palooza was a success because of your compassion and kindness!

Adopt-a-School Program 2022-2023

Save the date…

New Teacher Bag Donations

On June 29th, the Kindness Commission presented the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce with a donation of $150.00 towards New Teacher Gift Bags. Welcome to all of the new teachers coming on board for the Fall 2022 School year. We appreciate you!

Adopt-a-School Program

The Adopt-a-school program for the 2022 school year was a huge success. A total of 27 Wicomico County Public Schools were adopted by organizations, businesses, or individuals who blessed their schools with several acts of kindness throughout the school year. The feedback from our sponsors and schools was incredible. On July 6th, each of the Adopt-a-school sponsors were recognized by Wicomico County Executive, John Psota, and the County Council for their kind efforts. A huge thank you to all of our sponsors for sending a ripple of kindness through our schools.

During the month of May the Kindness Commission collected children’s books for our annual Celebrate Diversity Book Campaign. All donated books were packaged by our Kindness Commissioners and delivered to Wicomico County Public Schools throughout the month. The initiative was timed to coincide with May being Mental Health Month. The goal of the campaign was to provide an avenue for keeping our students’ minds engaged and healthy. We are appreciative of all of the donations we received during the campaign. Your support is why we can continue to be the 1st World Kindness USA City!💛💙

Senior Gift Bags Initiative

On March 20th, the Kindness Commission and community volunteers met at MAC Inc. to stuff 400 “Happy Bags” for seniors. The bags were delivered via Meals on Wheels throughout Wicomico County. Area businesses and citizens donated items to help #kindSBY bless some of the community’s senior population. 

Adopt-a-School Program Launch

Our Adopt-a-school program kicks off in September 2021 to bless local educators and support staff as they continue to navigate a challenging school year. All the excited details are above. Please helps us spread the word about this awesome initiative!

Newton Community Center Opening

On June 18, 2021 a long term project was revealed with the ribbon cutting of the Copeland House. It is the City of Salisbury’s 2nd community center and will be known as the Newton Community Center . This center will serve children and adults with resources and programs. Pastor and Secretary of Community Gardens, Martin Hutchison sparked the city’s interest in the Copeland House two years ago by pointing out the value of the location near our Camden Community Garden. This is significant since the garden’s bounty will serve as food and educational opportunities for the community.

#kindSBY, thanks to our sponsors, is proud to have donated kitchen and art supplies to the center.

What an exciting addition to our city! Congratulations to all who contributed to this project!


The Kindness Rocks & Smiles Community Mural Project

On May 21st, 2021, #kindSBY launched a community art project to bring the community together. Participants were invited to choose their favorite colors, and then add their faces and messages to the faces and kindness rocks on the canvas. The purpose of the project was to bring communities together and to visually remind participants how they each make a difference in this world even through the simplest acts of kindness, and how ultimately we are all interconnected through out shared stories, emotions and intentions.

The project was initially started by Megan Murphy-Creator of the Kindness Rocks Project and John Schlimm-Creator of The Smile That Changed The World (is Yours).


February Senior Gift Bag Initiative

#kindSBY Random Acts of Kindness Week

The City of Salisbury & #kindSBY are celebrating R.A.K. Week from February 14 – 20, 2021

Here is a list of each days theme, join in the fun by spreading some kindness in our community this week!

#kindSBY is also promoting a special Shop Local for a Sweet Donation event from February 14 – 20, 2021.

Here are all the details:

Benjamin’s Wear it Again is ready to pass out a sweet treat to a few of it’s shoppers during Random Acts of Kindness Week! SHOP LOCAL for a SWEET DONATION!

Happy R.A.K. Week and Valentine’s day! From all of our hearts to yours…you are loved!

#kindSBY World Kindness Week

#kindSBY is celebrating World Kindness Week from November 8 – 14, 2020

Here is a list of our upcoming events:

Sunday, November 8th – Dance for Kindness – Virtual

Register at to get involved. You’ll have the opportunity to learn the dance from home, participate in 9 fun challenges and dance with us virtually!

Sunday, November 8th, 1-3pm, Race to Kindness

Thirteen year old, Savanna Brooks and her Mom, Kindness Commissioner, Heather Brooks, will be collecting brown bag meals for the homeless outside the Downtown parking garage on the food truck pad. Each bag should include: a bottle of water, chicken salad or tuna salad kit, applesauce, granola bar, chips and a fruit cup and be decorated with a positive or kind message to bless the recipient. Contact Heather Brooks at with questions.

Monday, November 9th – Good to be KIND Day!

Spread kindness in everything you do…in your posts on social media, in every phone call and every face to face meeting….”Have a KIND day!” Post a photo or a video on social media and use the #kindSBY.

Tuesday, November 10th – Kind Texting Day

To boost mental health send a kind text. Here are some examples: 1. Send someone a cute animal pic  2. Send a friend a silly selfie  3. Video yourself singing or lip-syncing a song and send to a friend 4. Send a motivational quote  5. Text someone and tell them you are proud of them and why

Wednesday, November 11th – Veterans’ Day – Wear Red, White, and Blue Day

Honor veterans by sending a text to all the ones you know.  Post pictures to honor vets on social media.  Repost meaningful tributes on social media.  Leave a Pay It Forward drink/meal at a local eatery or coffee shop earmarked for a vet or in honor of a vet. Donate to an armed forces cause, ie. Wounded Warriors.

Thursday, November 12th – Shop Local Small Business Day

Support your community by eating out or buying from small businesses. Leave an additional tip amount, if served. Leave a Pay It Forward drink or sandwich. Pay for the person in back of you.  Let someone go ahead of you in line. Post a review for the establishment. 

Friday, November 13th – Read A Book or Give a book day

Read a book: It is important to be kind to ourselves.  Download a book on your device or read a hard copy book. Make a post on social media of what you’re reading.  Modeling reading in front of children is a powerful positive influence. Give a book: Donate a book to the #kindSBY “Celebrate Diversity” campaign by November 7th by ordering from our Amazon Wish list:…Kindness Commissioners will be delivering “Celebrate Diversity” book bundles to Wicomico County Public Schools on November 13th. 

Saturday, November 14th – Wear your favorite non-profit t-shirt day

Post your picture on social media with your t-shirt and tell about the cause you support.  Giving is a kindness that provides great satisfaction. Challenge others to support local causes as fuel for the heart.

During the COVID-19 crisis, our Kindness Commissioners are focusing on spreading kindness. Here are some of the ways our Commissioners are keeping busy…

Celebrate Diversity Kindness Initiative

Celebrate Diversity with a kind and lasting donation. Statistics show that many school libraries do not reflect their populations. #kindSBY wants to help remedy this. We have created an Amazon Wish List of books to help Celebrate Diversity in our schools and throughout our City’s little libraries.

This initiative will receive support through our kindSBY sponsorships and new donors can also help by purchasing books from our Wish List. Amazon will ship the books to our Kindness Commissioners, who will deliver them to schools and little libraries in Wicomico County. We hope you will join us in making a difference! Celebrate Diversity Amazon Wish list

Kindness Commissioner, Heather Brooks, and her daughter recently put together a BOX OF SUNSHINE, to encourage a local student. It was filled with the students favorite color: YELLOW and lots of things to brighten her day. Who do you know that could use a little box of sunshine?

The Kindness Commission has been every busy spreading kindness over the past 12 months. Congrats to the commission on celebrating 1 year of service. You are appreciated! Kindness is more important than ever…

On behalf of #kindSBY, Kindness Commissioner, Heather Mahler, shopped for and delivered $200 in food donations, that was distributed at the Doverdale community on Sunday, July 12th. 🛍🛒

Our Salisbury Kindness Commissioners recently met to discuss how they can make a positive impact in our community. Topics of discussion were: a review of the First Responders campaign, community unity and a literacy project to celebrate diversity. #KindnessCommisionersAtWork

Kindness Commissioner, Stephanie Willey, and her family dropped off donations to Camp Hope, the new camp site for the homeless in the Salisbury area.

Kindness Commissioner, Sonya Whited, is busy creating kindness rocks to share in the community. She looks forward to sharing them in the community after the quarantine is over.

Kindness Commissioner, Susan Parker, has been creating face masks for postal carriers since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. She hopes to bring a little sunshine to the Postal workers in our community that are on the front lines, everyday.

Kindness Commissioner, Chalarra Sessoms volunteered at Camp Hope, a new camp site for homeless individuals in the Salisbury area. When asked about the experience she shared: “What an impactful way of spending our morning at Camp Hope! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people, good conversation, laughs, and serving others.”

Camp Hope is currently in need of daily meals for their 26 homeless guests. You can sign up to donate meals at: . For Breakfasts they need items such as: juice, granola bars, pop tarts and fruit. (No hot breakfasts). They also need individually packed lunches and dinners. (No buffet style please). Due to the recent storm, they are no longer at the Lake Street location. Please call or text: 443-397-2149 if you have volunteered a meal, to get the location address for delivery.

Kindness Commissioner, Heather Brooks and her daughter Savanna Brooks, share ways to be kind while quarantined and how you can get involved in the #kindSBY First Responders campaign.

WMDT reporter Brooke Butler recently interviewed, Pastor Martin Hutchison, a Kindness Commissioner, about how the Camden Community Garden and community members are helping to prevent hunger in the community during COVID-19 crisis. You can read the full article & watch the WMDT interview, here.

Kindness Commissioner, Grace Foxwell Murdock, was interviewed by WBOC to discuss how the community can get involved in the #kindSBY and City of Salisbury First Responder Campaign. Read the entire article and watch the video, HERE.

Thank you to everyone who made our Kindness adventure possible! To see more kindness in our community, make sure to follow Kind SBY on Facebook and add the hashtag #kindSBY to all of your pictures and posts, next Monday on Random Acts of Kindness Day as you pay it forward. Together we can make a huge impact on our community!

Kindness Commissioner, Heather Brooks, created a slideshow to help give families ideas for spreading kindness while in quarantine. We’d love to share your family’s acts of kindness. Email your photos and stories to or hashtag #kindSBY on social media posts.

Grace Foxwell Murdock, our Secretary of Kindness and Commissioner, decided to spread a little love in her neighborhood by chalking her driveway.

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