Faunce Foundation Clean-up

Thank you to Craig Faunce and his incredible team of volunteers for 150 days of commitment to cleaning up our wonderful City! Craig relocated to Salisbury from Rockville during the fall of 2020 and almost immediately became an inspiration to Salisbury. Craig embraced his new community by picking up trash – one piece at a time. The best part is that he encouraged others to get involved, and they did! It wasn’t long before Craig’s grassroots effort became known as “Clean Up Salisbury.” During his first month, Craig collected no less than 200 bags of trash, covering the territory between Fruitland and the Rt. 13 Mural at the corner of E. Church and Rt. 13. Craig is such an inspiration to the City of Salisbury and its surrounding communities, and we encourage everyone to get to know Craig and his mission, as well as to get involved with his organization – The Faunce Foundation- named in honor of his parents. Learn more on their website here: https://www.thefauncefoundation.com/

Photo Credit: Craig Faunce/Faunce Foundation


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