Kindness is BLOOMING in SBY!

One of our amazing downtown businesses, Olde Towne Cafe, planted a seed of kindness in our community by offering a Buy one, give one sandwich promotion on January 31, 2020 for the Construction workers that are working so hard to complete the downtown plaza. As a result of planting that seed, many customers decided to pay it forward by purchasing a breakfast sandwich during the special promotion period. Kindness is truly blooming in SBY…customers helped pay it forward to 65 construction workers!! On average, there are 16 workers that work on the plaza daily. Altogether, the community covered almost an entire week of breakfast for the workers. Olde Towne Cafe was quoted as saying: “We’re privileged to be a part of a community who cares so much. We saw a lot of faithful faces and brand new faces! Thank you seriously so much! We look forward to blessing more people with you in the future!” Way to go Olde Towne Cafe for inspiring our community to be kindness in action.

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