Growing more than veggies

In 2015, Martin Hutchison, Beacon of Light, Bethany Lutheran, Community of Joy and the Restoration project began the Camden Community Garden with the support of Green SBY. Their vision was to transform the community by creating a garden. Their hope was that the neighborhood would grow together while growing healthy veggies. Over the past 4 years, this one community garden has caused transformative growth. Not only has the Camden Community Garden fed a large number of people each and every day, it has helped neighbors create positive relationships with one another, provide books to children, feed children in the summer months and give them engaging activities to do, teach local students how to start and maintain a garden and it’s brought immense beauty to a once desolate piece of land. Truly this one garden is growing more than veggies and our city is blessed! What a blessing to live in a city with such kind-hearted people and churches! #kindSBY

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